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Capital Planning, LLC, as a matter of policy, complies with relevant regulatory requirements and maintains required disclosure brochures on a current and accurate basis. Our Firm's Form ADV Part 2 provides information about the Firm’s advisory services, business practices, professionals, policies and any actual and potential conflicts of interest, among other things. Capital Planning, LLC provides all clients and prospective clients with a copy of Form ADV Part 2, in order to comply with Rule 204 3. Capital Planning, LLC's Advisory Agreement incorporates the client’s acknowledgement of receipt of the Form ADV Part 2, providing sufficient evidence of delivery. Capital Planning, LLC offers all existing clients a copy of the firm’s current Form ADV Part 2 each year and/or delivers a summary of material changes as necessary. Capital Planning, LLC delivers a copy of the Firm's current Form ADV Part 2 to any client who affirmatively responds to the annual ADV Part 2 offer notice.

Capital Planning, LLC (the Firm) will provide each natural person client with initial notice of the Firm’s current policy when the client relationship is established. Capital Planning, LLC shall also provide each such client with a new notice of the Firm’s current privacy policies at least annually. If, at any time, Capital Planning, LLC adopts material changes to its privacy policies, the Firm shall provide each such client with a revised notice reflecting the new privacy policies.


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